Philip Bluestein began his career as an attorney with a very old, well-established law firm in Ohio that had a heavy focus on estate planning and asset protection. Since starting his own boutique law firm in 1995 and then moving his practice to Colorado in 2000, he has continued to help individuals, families, and business owners make informed decisions for their futures.

Philip’s early experiences as counsel in probate court showed him the emotional pain and broken relationships that often result from lack of planning. He saw family conflicts over relatively small amounts or items that he knew could have been avoided by an estate plan. Today his practice is guided by the desire to provide the benefit of planning in order to preserve families, protect assets, and prevent burdens.

Simply creating a document will not do. That is not what you will get at Bluestein Law. Philip and his associate, Eric Kaplan, listen to you and design a plan unique to your needs.

If you are a business owner, whether solo or a partner, a transition plan will be an essential element of your estate plan. With extensive experience serving individuals as well as businesses, from creation to contracts to transition plans, Bluestein Law is uniquely suited to assist you in protecting your family and leaving your legacy.